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March 15, 2018
by Mommy A to Z

5 Reasons My Kindergartner Woke Me Up Today

mommy no sleep

There’s nothing like a Saturday morning. No work. No worries. No reason to rush out of bed. Unless, of course, you share your home with a small person who can’t wait to start their day — right now! Then there are infinite reasons to get your butt out of bed at 6:30 a.m. — no matter what day of the week it is. Here are some of the more creative reasons my kindergartner has woken me up at the crack of dawn.

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March 2, 2018
by Mommy A to Z

Living With “An Abundance of Caution”

New Mom at Playground

I lie there on the table, trying not to feel too exposed as the doctor pushes a needle into my breast. I stare at a framed picture of a doorway covered in flowers, attempting to read the words under the petals with my failing 41-year-old eyes. The procedure is called a core needle biopsy, and will determine the upcoming trajectory of my life. Yet all I can think about is that the hospital really should invest in some more interesting artwork.

I arrived at the hospital amid a quiet chaos. Earlier that day a local man had fatally shot his girlfriend, and he was in the wind, supposedly armed and dangerous. The schools near the hospital were all on lockout, barring anyone from entering. Before Parkland, Florida, that might have seemed excessive, but now everyone is operating under “an abundance of caution.” As I lie there I think of the shooter’s victim. I’d rather take my chances with cancer than a bullet, I think. A morbid idea, but there’s some truth in it. Sometimes it feels like the monsters are coming from all angles. Continue Reading →

January 30, 2018
by Mommy A to Z

I Didn’t Redshirt My Son, And This Is My One Regret


There’s not much positive you expect to hear when your child’s teacher calls and asks if you have a moment to talk. I suppose, on occasion, that question is followed by, “Your child’s a genius and we need to start prepping him for his first TED Talk.” But generally it’s not great news.

This call was no different. As I sat in my cubicle, surrounded by books and papers, my son’s kindergarten teacher told me what I already sensed: that he was struggling. He was having trouble learning and writing letters. He didn’t seem to be understanding the different consonant sounds. He was getting frustrated.

I had known things weren’t easy. His first months of school didn’t go well. He didn’t want to go to class. He yelled at his sister. He lashed out at the babysitter. He began putting himself down.

With each incident, I grew more worried. I wondered if we’d pushed him too soon. Continue Reading →

January 12, 2018
by Mommy A to Z

New Year, New Mom (Not Really)

8new year's resolutions 20

Hello, 2018. I’m afraid we haven’t gotten off to a very good start. This was going to be the year I turned things around, and became the brunette version of Carol Brady, minus a few kids and a housekeeper. This year I would calmly solve all my kids’ problems, keep up the house, serve healthy food, and, in all my spare time, focus on diet and exercise. Well, it’s two weeks in, and already I’ve broken most of my New Year’s resolutions. In fact, the only thing I can really boast about so far is that I’m still brunette.

Here’s a look at the lofty goals I set in 2017…and how they’ve all been crashing and burning in the New Year. Continue Reading →

November 28, 2017
by Mommy A to Z

Staying Sane on a Road Trip With Kids

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2011-08-01 154

It’s the holidays, and you know what that means: Hallmark movie marathons, mistletoe, and War and Peace-length letters to Santa. And, if you’re like us, road trips to visit family. There’s nothing like being around loved ones this time of year. It’s getting to their house that can be tricky. Especially when it means driving over the river and down the highway — with small people who don’t understand the meaning of “quiet, Mommy’s trying to drive.” If you’re facing a road trip with kids this holiday season, don’t panic! Here are a few simple tips to stay sane and assure that everyone makes it intact to 2018. Continue Reading →

November 7, 2017
by Mommy A to Z

So, This Is Five

five year old

“Mommy, I had a bad dream. Will you sleep with me?”

It’s 5:30 in the morning, and I’m barely awake as I climb into your bed and wrap my arms around your chest. You’re still wearing your Iron Man costume from the night before, the one you’ve worn every night since Halloween ended a week ago. In your puffed-out, red costume you are the fierce protector of the innocent, a terrible adversary to any who dare cross your path. Except when the bad dreams come, and you need Mommy for reinforcement. And Mommy arrives, ready to fight any demons at your bedside. Because in a few days you turn five. And the days of Mommy coming to your rescue are slowly fading. Continue Reading →

October 31, 2017
by Mommy A to Z

That Time I Was Shamed for Being a Working Mom

Working mom

It had been a while since I’d been to a networking event. After freelancing for eight years, I was back at work full-time, and I’d been invited to an evening industry event. I was a little worried I wouldn’t know anyone. Or that I’d be underdressed. Or spill wine on my business cards. But what actually happened blindsided me. The last thing I expected was to be shamed for being a working mother — and by a woman, too. Continue Reading →

September 6, 2017
by Mommy A to Z

Dear Class Moms, Thank You for Doing What I Can’t

Class Mom

“Interested in being a class parent?” The question was boldly printed on one of the many sheets in my daughter’s school packet, mailed to our home before she started second grade last year. We had just moved to the district, and being a class mom seemed like a great way to get to know my daughter’s new teachers and some of the other parents. As a work-from-home mom who lived near the school, it was a great fit. I enthusiastically volunteered. And I discovered a few things along the way.

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August 30, 2017
by Mommy A to Z

5 Things I Don’t Want My Child to Learn in Kindergarten

15500479782_6dc57097fb (1)

I can’t believe it. My son, my last baby, is about to head off to kindergarten in a matter of days. While I’m excited for him, I’m a bit heartbroken to say goodbye to the preschool years, and nervous about this new journey he’s beginning, into the world of academia and tying his shoes. In honor of this big milestone, here’s a second look at a post I wrote when my daughter entered elementary school. This one is for all you kindergarten mamas out there. Stay strong!

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August 1, 2017
by Mommy A to Z

On the Washington Post: I’m Not Your Kid’s Friend

kids and respect

I’m on the Washington Post today, talking about kids, respect for grownups, and boundaries. As in, do they exist anymore? Here’s a sneak peak:

This wasn’t the first time that one of my daughter’s friends had treated me like a fellow 8-year-old instead of a grown woman on the mature side of 40. A couple of weeks earlier, another little girl had smacked my butt. Another time I was repeatedly whacked with a pillow during some sort of couch-cushion battle scene.

Had I behaved like this with my friends’ parents? I tried hard to remember being a kid in the ’80s. Decades later, I’m still too terrified to even imagine such a scenario.

Read more here!

So tell me: Do your kids call grownups by their first names or Mr. and Mrs.? Do you think kids today respect grownups the way you did as a kid? Is your house flooded in Shopkins? I want to know!

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