G is for . . . Generations (or, Meeting Great Grandma)


IMG_2172It was a trip I both anticipated and feared.

It had been more than two years since we’d been to Florida to visit my grandmother. Life had gotten in the way. I’d been pregnant, and then caring for a newborn. My mother-in-law’s illness had kept us close to home. By the time life settled down, my son was turning two, and the thought of flying to Florida with two small children seemed overwhelming. As did the thought of keeping my son from scaling my grandmother’s unblemished dining room table, or taking my 5-year-old daughter out of school. After the difficult year we had just endured, I reasoned, Florida could wait.

But then, suddenly, it couldn’t. Continue reading

T is for . . . Terrible Twos Week (Day 5: Looking Ahead)


Welcome to the final installment of Terrible Twos Week. All week we’ve been discussing tantrums, toilet training, and the intricacies of the 2-year-old mind. But is there light at the end of the tunnel?

me and the boy

Check out Martinis and Minivans!

For a look at that long-awaited passage into the “glorious” threes, I consulted the hilarious blog Martinis and Minivans, and the post “My Son Is Now Three, and Here’s the Lists to Prove It.” Looking at these 3-year-old’s favorite activities, I found it all sounded… well, kind of like my 2-year-old (minus the diaper, I suppose). Sigh. Well, at least they’re cute…

Be sure to check out this hysterical post from Martinis and Minivans. And, as we wrap up Terrible Twos Week, please leave a comment with you own Terrible Twos adventures or advice. Or your favorite hiding spot . . .

Thanks for joining in!

* * *

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T is for . . . Terrible Twos Week (Day 4: Potty Training)


IMG_2137Welcome back to Terrible Twos Week — five days of guest posts in honor of my little guy turning two. Today’s topic is the oh-so-fun process of potty training.

Because potty-training experiences are as diverse as my mp3 collection (hello, Metallica and Tiffany), below you’ll find a roundup of tips, stories, and angst from mommy bloggers far and wide. So, step away from that Elmo potty and commiserate with your fellow moms. It’ll make you feel better than a “Good Job!” sticker! Continue reading

T is for . . . Terrible Twos Week (Day 3: Tantrums)

Temper Tantrum

Check out guest blogger Helen’s tantrum tips!

It’s Terrible Twos Week here at Mommy A to Z, with guest posts on everything from toddler drama to toilet training. Today’s topic: tantrums. The first guest post is from Deborah, of the always insightful blog Mommy Crusader and Her Knights and Ladies. Check out these essential tips for surviving these tiny (and loud) humans. The second post is from new blogger Helen, who sums up how to deal with a tantrum in three important (albeit not always easy) steps.

And, hey, if all else fails, there’s always locking yourself in the bathroom…

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T is for . . . Terrible Twos Week (Day 2 Guest Post: Drama!)


IMG_0872In honor of my son turning two, I’m featuring a whole week of guest posts on the subject of the Terrible Twos. From tantrums to toilets, it’s all here.

Today’s post is from Jess Ullrich of the hilarious blog The Momma Review. This post, about the wacky things 2-year-olds say and do, made me laugh until I cried (partly because I’ve been overpaying for bras all these years… who knew they sold lingerie at Target?!) Check out this awesomely funny post — and share it with every toddler mom you know!

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T is for . . . Terrible Twos Week (Day 1 Guest Post: Survival)


devilish photo4It’s Terrible Twos week at Mommy A to Z! In honor of my little boy turning two, I’m featuring an entire week of guest posts on the Terrible Twos — from basic survival to public outbursts. You know, the basics.

Today’s post is from the wonderful Darcy R. Shapiro of Cribsters.com. I love her snapshot of day-to-day life with a 2-year-old, summarized mathematically as “a mix of 40% exhaustion, 30% trepidation, 20% sheer terror and 10% pure wonder.” That just may be the most perfect description of life with a toddler I’ve ever read. Enjoy! Continue reading

H is for . . . Happy Birthday! (My Little Guy Is Turning Two!)



Two years ago, Hurricane Sandy tore through the Northeast. While our losses were insignificant compared to others’, we did lose power for ten days — which was particularly difficult since I was nine months pregnant. The day before my scheduled C-section, I wondered if I would be able to take my baby home to my cold, dark, powerless apartment, or if we’d have to find another port in the storm.

Suddenly, hours before welcoming my new child into the world, the lights went on. And I knew everything was going to be OK. The next morning my son was born, and our settled little family was new again. It’s been a chaotic, wonderful two years, growing together as a family of four. I couldn’t imagine our lives without this little guy by our side (or, quite frequently, in our arms).

Now, on my son’s second birthday, here is a list of comings and goings — those special moments I’m sad to see recede into the past, and all the happy moments I’m looking forward to on our journey.

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