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It’s time for this week’s edition of Weird Parenting News! This week we’re talking about Christmas shoppers gone wild, hungry students, and more! Don’t miss the latest and strangest stories in the world of parenting.

Back of the line, kid. At a middle school in Tampa, Florida, kids with bad grades are paying the price — with their stomachs. Students with good grades are given “incentive cards” allowing them to skip to the front of the lunch line, leaving the kids with lower grades or behavioral issues to fend for themselves at the back, sometimes getting less than 10 minutes to eat. Because nothing helps a kid pay attention in class like starvation. Read the full story.

The many, many gifts of Christmas. A British mom is under fire on social media for posting a picture of her Christmas tree surrounded by more than 300 presents for her three kids. People have called her materialistic (and worse) and accused her of spoiling her children. Hey, if they were Hanukkah presents, that would be less than 40 gifts a night — totally reasonable. Read all about it.

May the force be… hidden under your jacket. A seventh-grader in Texas has been forced by his school to cover up a T-shirt of a Star Wars Stormtrooper wielding a fictional blaster. According to the school, their dress code prohibits “symbols oriented toward violence.” Don’t worry, buddy… in a few years you’ll graduate, and then you can begin concealing actual firearms. Learn more about this story.

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