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It’s time for another week of Weird Parenting News! This week we’ve got kids versus presidential hopefuls, babies switched at birth, and more. Check out these crazy stories making headlines this week in parenting news.

Switched at birth. Two best friends in Manitoba always considered themselves family. They weren’t far from the truth. DNA evidence has proven that these two buddies, born the same day at the same hospital, were switched at birth and sent home with the wrong families. A disturbing twist on the bromance. Read the full story.

Pink politics? In a hilarious (and somewhat disturbing) segment, Jimmy Kimmel interviewed kids about whether a woman could be president. When the boys were dubious, he brought out the big guns — Hilary Clinton — to talk some sense into them. At the very least, maybe they no longer think a woman’s first order of business would be to paint the Oval Office pink. See the clip here.

LEGO to the rescue. Tired of stepping on tiny LEGO pieces strewn all over your floor? Now LEGO is making special thick slippers, to protect parents’ feet from those painful pieces. They’re making 1,500 to give away to lucky parents. Read more here.

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