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It’s time for another week of Weird Parenting News! This week we’ve got illicit games of tag, suspicious tots, and more! Don’t miss these strange stories from the wacky world of parenting. 

Zero tolerance for tag. In Mercer Island, Washington, kids are being given a message: tag won’t be tolerated. This is part of a zero-tolerance policy that instructs students to keep their hands to themselves. The school is insisting it will offer fun alternatives, but parents are pushing back, fighting for their kids’ right to shout “You’re it!” at will. Read the story.

Lost and found. In Salem, Massachusetts, a 7-year-old boy found $8,000 in hundred-dollar bills at the playground. His uncle took him to the police station to turn in the money. Because it’s never too early to teach kids that it’s all about the Benjamins…unless they’re someone else’s Benjamins, that is. Learn more.

A weighty problem. A new Danish study from the Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences has revealed a correlation between low birth weight and lower levels of social trust in adulthood. Because we don’t have enough to worry about during pregnancy. Read all about it.

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