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That Infamous Washington Post Article


IMG_2463Last week I published an article on the Washington Post, about why we chose to return a tablet that my daughter received as a holiday present. The article, “Somebody gave my 5-year-old a tablet,” has attracted a bit of attention.

Apparently, people feel quite strongly about this issue. I’ve received some pretty irate comments from people finding our decision “juvenile” and “selfish” and advising me to “get a shovel to dig myself out of my cave.” And, my favorite comment:

“Meredith Hale is quite simply out of her mind.”

It seems the article has touched a nerve. It’s even been republished in the New Zealand Herald for some foreign input. And now, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Below is an excerpt and a link to read the full post. I’d love to hear your opinion on this issue!

Suddenly, we were faced with the prospect of our kindergartner owning a tablet, on which she could play games, practice reading, or surf the Internet. On the one hand, it sounded innocent enough. After all, we want her to be comfortable with technology and keep up with her peers. There are plenty of educational apps for young kids – not to mention opportunities for her to keep busy during long road trips or stints at the doctor’s office. Plus, it was a gift from a family member, who wanted to share something special with her during the holidays. We couldn’t object to that.

And yet we had some serious reservations. Talking it over, we came up with a list of reasons we were uncomfortable letting our daughter keep this gift. Read the full article

Returning the gift wasn’t easy (thankfully, we did it before my daughter saw it). We talked to the amazing and generous gift-giver, who tolerates our idiosyncrasies and loves us anyway. And, one day, we’ll explain our decision to our daughter, who will probably roll her eyes and go back to watching The Voice, season 300 (spoiler alert: Blake’s team wins). Of course, by then we’ll be having that conversation via holograph…

* * *

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