Mommy A to Z

Motherhood, Alphabetized.

H is for . . . Happy Mother’s Day!


M is for . . . Monday morning lunch-packing, as you ponder if your kid actually likes raisins, and if potato chips can pass as a vegetable.

O is for . . . Orange, black, and purple marker, which Mommy diligently scrubs off the walls, carpet, and sofa

M is for . . . More than five hours of sleep, your new wildest, kinkiest fantasy

M is for . . . Mud pies, cooked lovingly by your child to celebrate your special day

Y is for . . . You, loving every moment you spend kissing boo-boos, wiping noses, and cuddling with the best people you’ve ever known — the best parts of yourself, your wonderful, mischievous, beautiful children.

Happy Mother’s Day to All!

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