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February 6, 2017
by Mommy A to Z

To My Daughter, as I Return to Work


My Dearest Daughter,

It was almost eight years ago I left my full-time job to be by your side. I cheered on every milestone, from your first bath to your first word to your first time tasting solid food. I was blessed to be able to work as a freelancer, typing away in an office down the hall from your crib as you slumbered. I had no long-term plan as I lifted you in the air at Musical Munchkins, chased you around playgrounds on summer afternoons, gave out cards at your preschool Valentine’s party. Perhaps I imagined life would always be that way, racing from one sunlit playground to the next, one freelance gig at a time. The two of us against the world. Continue Reading →

December 31, 2016
by Mommy A to Z

Eight Ways I’m Rockin’ Hanukkah This Year

Hanukkah with Kids

In honor of the last night of Hanukkah, here’s a look back at an old post that really captured the spirit of the holiday. This year Hanukkah coincided with Christmas, which led to some fun conversations in our house, most notably my preschooler thanking Santa each night for his Hanukkah presents. Oy vey…

I admit it. Hanukkah isn’t the most glamorous of holidays. Especially when compared to that other holiday we celebrate in our house — you know, the one with the shiny tree and some guy named Santa. Apparently, oil burning in a temple thousands of years ago isn’t as exciting as a man with a giant sleigh and flying reindeer.

That said, I’m determined that this year is going to be different. This year I’m going to make Hanukkah a holiday they’ll remember, even when we’re baking cookies for Santa and hanging stockings with care. Here are eight ways I’m going to rock Hanukkah this year. Continue Reading →

December 22, 2016
by Mommy A to Z

5 Things My Kids Don’t Give a Crap About This Holiday

Holiday kids presents

It’s beginning to… not look a lot like Christmas.

I was at CVS this morning when I realized it. The candy was suddenly buy one, get one half-off. Gold tinsel sprawled limply on the floor. The Christmas toys looked about as fed up with 2016 as I am. And frankly, I’m shopped out. For the past few weeks, like the rest of America, I’ve been in a consumption whirlwind, trying to find more stuff that will make the people I love happy. Even though I know that, after about five minutes, my kids will start fighting over who stole the gold ribbon, break the new train set, and move on to asking what they’re doing for New Year’s. It’s not that they’re not grateful. It’s just that, despite my eating up the marketing like a 2-for-1 special on candy canes, my kids don’t care all that much about having the biggest, best stuff. Continue Reading →

December 19, 2016
by Mommy A to Z

Mindful Mondays: The Gift of Peace

holiday stress

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? This time of year, I want to experience every moment of fleeting holiday bliss. Baking oddly shaped cookies with my kids. Watching their excitement as they write letters to Santa. Breathing in the fresh smell of pine in my own indoor wonderland. And yet, instead of hearing sleigh bells and laughter, I hear my inner voice. Not enough is done. I’m not ready. It’s moving too fast and I’m missing it. Continue Reading →

November 23, 2016
by Mommy A to Z

Looking Back: Sometimes I’m Not Grateful

Not grateful horizontal

It’s Thanksgiving, and the idea of gratitude is very much on my mind. Especially now, as there seems to be so much turmoil all around us. Sometimes it’s hard to find the good. Sometimes I want to turn my home into a padlocked fortress, curl up with my kids, and never emerge. Yet perhaps being grateful has always been a struggle, even in the best of times. Looking back at my post from last year, “Sometimes I’m Not Grateful,” I realize a lot has changed. We’ve moved into that house I wanted. And while I love it, the “needs” add up quickly. We need to update the kitchen. We need new curtains. The list goes on. The markers recede ever further.

But, when I stop to look, there are reminders all around of goodness, of blessings deserving thanks. My family has recently started volunteering at a community garden, and it’s reminded me: I’m grateful for food. I’m grateful I can help feed others. It’s a basic thing, but a good place to start. This year we’re hosting our first Thanksgiving in our new home. As I race around the kitchen, trying to figure out where my measuring spoons have gone while not burning the meat, I will remember this most basic truth: I am grateful for the family I get to feed. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoy this throwback post!

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November 18, 2016
by Mommy A to Z

Super Easy, Super Cute Thanksgiving Cookies


It’s our first Thanksgiving in our new home! I wanted to make something sweet with the kids, but the problem is, well, I’m a HORRIBLE baker. So I reached out to some of my favorite bloggers, and was thrilled to discover this adorable, no-bake recipe for “Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies” from one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Tarynn Playle, of the awesome blog Mama By Fire. (If you’re not familiar with Mama By Fire, please check it out! The creativity you see here is just a sample of the awesome ideas on her site!) So, without further ado, here is the recipe for cookies your family is sure to gobble up.  Continue Reading →

November 15, 2016
by Mommy A to Z

When 4-Year-Olds Stop Believing in Superheroes


I’m thrilled to be on The Washington Post today, with my latest piece, “What happens when 4-year-olds stop believing in superheroes, but not bad guys?” It’s about my little guy’s latest worry: If there’s no Batman, then who will protect him from the bad guys?

Here is a sneak peek:

“Mommy, are there real bad guys?”

My 4-year-old son has been asking me this question every night. He’s going through a superhero phase, and is obsessed with the Justice League. Lately, he’s concerned about bad guys. He wants to know what Mommy and Daddy plan to do about them.

When I was pregnant, I never expected parenting to be so philosophical. Because, you see, these questions are more complicated than they seem. They began with other, equally confusing questions, such as, “Are Batman and Superman real?” Read the full article.

Do your little ones ask questions you don’t know how to answer? Do they believe in superheroes? I’d love to hear your experiences!

* * *

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November 4, 2016
by Mommy A to Z
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A Difficult Anniversary: A Tribute to a Friend

Guest post 3rd birthday

A year ago, one of my favorite mom bloggers, and a friend through the blogging community, passed away suddenly, without any warning. Melissa’s insights about parenting, and about life, inspired me to take a step back and appreciate everything and everyone around me. She was a beautiful and gifted writer, a patient and thoughtful parent, and a generous and supportive friend to all of us struggling to find our words and our audience. As a tribute to Melissa, I’m re-running her guest post. If you haven’t spent time on her site, please check out Wading Through Motherhood. She may be gone, but her voice lives on through her powerful words.

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October 19, 2016
by Mommy A to Z

Can We Stop Complaining About People Being Nice?

mom on phone

OK, moms, I get it. You’re too busy to answer the phone. Any form of communication besides texting should be banned under threat of voodoo-induced torture. Unannounced pop-ins to your home will lead to a visit to the secret (and kinda kinky) dungeon in the basement. Recently, I read about a mom complaining because she was invited to a mom’s night out at T.G.I. Friday’s. Will the horror never end?

You’ve spoken your truth. You’re an introvert. You’re busy. You already have a sacred sister circle. Stop intruding on your life.

Yes, everyone relates to these feelings. But let’s take a minute here. What exactly are we complaining about? People being… nice? Continue Reading →

October 17, 2016
by Mommy A to Z

When Should You Worry About Your Child’s Cough?

cough child

I don’t know about you, but my household is a cacophony of sound from October through March — and I’m not talking about joyful laughter. I mean stubborn, persistent coughs that come and go all cold season long. So, when do the kiddos need to go to the doctor, and when do they just need time, TLC, and a Sofia the First marathon on TV? Dr. Christina Johns, pediatrician, pediatric emergency physician, and Senior Medical Advisor for PM Pediatrics, gives us the inside scoop in this helpful guest post.

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