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The Day I Stopped Apologizing for Working

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Working mom guilt is real. But so are a lot of other things — like the need for a second income, the enjoyment of interacting with other professionals (and grown-ups), and the satisfaction of doing something you love. In my latest article on the Washington Post, I ask: How do I want my daughter to view having a career? The answer’s definitely not with guilt and shame. So I decided it’s time to stop apologizing for having to work.

Here’s a sneak peek:

I’ve offered a lot of apologies. I’ve apologized for missing Healthy Heart day. I’ve apologized for not being able to volunteer for Math Lab. I’ve apologized with explanations: Sometimes two working parents are necessary to support a family. I’ve tried just giving hugs and nodding along. “Yes, it’s hard when Mommy isn’t here. I’m sorry.”

But recently I got tired of saying sorry. And I started to wonder if all this apologizing was doing her a disservice.

Read the rest here.

How do you explain work and career to your kids? I’d love to hear from you!

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