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M is for Mindful Mondays (Do One Good Thing)



Like the rest of the world, I’m sad and confused this Monday morning. I was still reeling from the Stanford rape verdict, wondering what kind of world I’d brought my children into, when suddenly time stood still. Fifty souls taken from this world by hate and ignorance. And like the rest of the world, I feel powerless to stop the violence. And so today, I urge us all to add a little love to the world.

Today, consciously do “one good thing” to make someone else feel loved, appreciated, or less alone in their struggles. Maybe it’s something small, like cooking your spouse’s favorite dinner or calling to say “I love you.” Maybe it’s leaving work early and surprising your kids with a trip to the park. Or maybe you can brighten a stranger’s day, helping an elderly couple load groceries into their car or telling a struggling mom at the store that, hey, we’ve all been there and she’s doing great (extra points for asking how you can help). Volunteer in your community. Give your time at a soup kitchen. However you can, add a little love and kindness to the world.

Think about how brightly humanity would shine — and overshadow hate — if for today we all consciously gave the best parts of ourselves to those we love and those who need it. For many of us, this is our only weapon. But it’s a powerful one.

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  1. This is terrific! Definitely will try to do.

    However, may I also suggest we all call our Congresspeople and demand they outlaw assault weapons? I have been signing petitions online left and right and made one call. Only masses of us can counteract the NRA.

  2. Great suggestion.

  3. Ughhhhh I lived in central Florida for many years so it kills me to see my friends going through this horribleness. Thankfully I didn’t know anyone killed since I’m older than the “going out” crowd, but unfortunately that wasn’t the same for many friends of mine. A lot of them have kids mourning friends killed. That would be horrible to deal with :-/ Makes you really think about life that’s for sure.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree. And my heart is so heavy for the Orlando families and those involved.

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