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U is for… The Undeniable Power of Play (Review)


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We all know how active and curious young children are… because they’re constantly learning about their world! And playing — interacting with their environment — is how they learn best! So I was thrilled at the opportunity to review the new book The Undeniable Power of Play: 101 Tips, Activities and Play-Based Learning Strategies to Engage Your Child. With fun activities involving science, sensory play, crafts, and more, there’s plenty here to keep kids learning while having fun.

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According to the authors, play is important to children for many reasons, setting the foundation for language development, creative skills, cognitive development, problem-solving, and more. They’re doing a lot more than digging in dirt or making sticky goo! As the authors say,

“Since the first time they built a tower, molded play dough, or tried their hand at one of those over-sized toddler puzzles, your children have been learning through play.”

Well, this all sounds great, but how do you know which activities are the right ones? And how to play so that your child receives all the benefits? That’s what I love about this book. The authors have come up with dozens of easy and fun activities, complete with step-by-step instructions and tips. They’re all simple enough for any parent to manage!

The book is divided into sections about science, sensory play, and creativity — and includes printables, recipes, and more. The science section includes fun activities like making a mini lava lamp and baking soda art (my personal favorite!). Sensory play involves making gel sensory bags, lacing games, digging in dirt for dinosaurs, and other activities that engage multiple senses. The creativity chapters are filled with bubble art, painting, and more. All activities include tips for infants/young toddles, older children, and children of all ages, so that you can make sure your child gets the most out of each activity.

Copy of allow your child the freedom to express their creativity and explore at their own pace...-The Undeniable Power of Play- (1)

The authors are moms and some of my favorite bloggers: Katie Chiavarone, M.A. (, Susie Ortiz (, and Alana Pace ( With summer coming I can’t wait to try more of these activities with my kids. If you’re also looking for educational and fun ways to fill the lazy days of summer, check out The Undeniable Power of Play.

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