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Welcome to a new feature at Mommy A to Z, Mindful Mondays. Each Monday we’ll look at ways to slow down, focus, and bring mindfulness to our parenting and our families — focusing on one simple exercise at a time. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

Ditch the List

Next to my desk I have a white board, covered in to-do’s for my workday. Unfortunately, a much longer version of that list — filled with items like planning birthday parties and paying bills — exists in my mind, accompanying me wherever I go. It rears its frantic head in moments when it’s least wanted, like when my daughter is telling me about her math test or when I’m trying to fall asleep. Rather than a help, the list becomes an unwanted companion that runs my day.

And so, this week’s challenge is to ditch the list. Pick a day or a time period — maybe it’s a Saturday or a weekday after the kids get home from school — and have absolutely no agenda. No grocery shopping, no plans to cook dinner, no laundry to do. Make a conscious decision to see where the day takes you. Maybe you’ll end up at the park. Maybe you’ll throw a ’90s hip-hop dance party in your living room. Maybe you’ll feast on PB&Js for dinner. Whatever you end up doing, let it come naturally and in the moment — and take a day off from following the demands of your inner list.

mindfulness parenting

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  1. I love this! I was mulling over this very subject early this morning, and lo and behold: your email came. Now I can follow through with those thoughts and give myself permission to lay in a hammock or better yet, HIT THE BEACH (<—have not done alone in 12 years.)

  2. I seriously need to try this. I wake up with a to do list. Perhaps I’ll try it this weekend.

  3. I love this, so glad someone else put this thought out there. I do this more often than not and found that once I started to live my life this way it was very liberating and more productive. It has even trickled over to some friends and my 20 yr old daughter :)! great share doll!

  4. We do this too! For us it’s Sunday! We go to church, get donuts, then just do whatever comes to us!

  5. This is a wonderful idea. I like how you post it on Mondays. It is a great reminder to take some time out for ourselves and to be mindful of creating balance in our busy lives.

  6. Ditch the list!!! I dont know if I can! I am a list-a-holic! I will def give it a try.. I am sure it would be wonderful!

  7. I always have a list running in my head! It’s so hard to let it go and just relax. Luckily I do manage to do that when we get out of the house on field trips and things.

  8. Ughhh the to do list -_- this past weekend I did exactly that! Ditched the list and omg…. I accomplished so much more this Monday because of it. We all need a real break!

  9. I love this. I am going to try and ditch the list on the weekends and just LIVE. I think this is a brilliant series idea and am looking forward to what else you have in store. I’ll let you know how my weekend with no list goes. :)

  10. Great initiative! I try to ditch my TODO lists over the weekend (except the shopping list 😉 ) and try to focus on being with the family. The ten thousand different social media sites, my blog and everything else still keep waiting for me on Monday. Doesn’t always work perfectly but I will surely try to “ditch the list” (every single one) this weekend and see where it takes us.

  11. This is easier said than done. It is something that I really need to try and do. I will say that I ditch the list on Saturday only because I wasn’t feeling well. All plans went down the drain. I did get a lot of rest which my body needed. Love this post.

  12. I really love the idea of ditching the list. I’m such a freak about getting everything done in the span of the six hours my son is at school, that I never take the time to just be.

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