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Weird Parenting News

Welcome to this week’s edition of Wednesday Weird Parenting News. This week we’ve got toddlers with fashion emergencies, Leo-lovin’ Girl Scouts, and more. Don’t miss the latest in wacky parenting stories this week!

Fashion emergency. In Greenville, South Carolina, a toddler called 9-1-1 because she couldn’t get her pants on. Her mother had taught her how to dial the service in case of an emergency… she just didn’t anticipate it would be a fashion emergency. The policewoman who responded helped the 2-year-old get dressed, and even gave her a hug. Grown-ups: don’t try this at home. You will not get a hug. Read the story.

And the award goes to… A group of Girl Scouts in Suffolk County, NY, came up with a unique marketing plan for their cookies. They created a poster pointing out the fact that, after years of nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar — right after he bought Girl Scout cookies from Chris Rock! Someone get me a box of thin mints! See the poster here.

Preteen alcohol use. According to a new study analyzing data from over 10,000 children, around one in seven 11-year-olds in the UK has had at least one drink of alcohol. What leads them to drink: the study says their friends and their moms drinking. Maybe it’s time to put down that glass(es) of wine… Read more here.

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