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Guest Post: 6 Reasons My Daughter Is a Threenager


six reasons my daughter is 3 going on 13 toddler talking back

Welcome back to Threes Week here at Mommy A to Z. In honor of my “baby” turning the big three, this week I’m featuring guest posts about three-year-olds from my favorite mom bloggers!

Today’s guest post, “6 Reasons My Daughter Is a Threenager,” is from the talented Tarynn Playle of the must-read blog Mama By Fire.  From sass talk to emotional roller coasters, this is a hilarious (and true) summary of how “Threenagers” put the “Terrible Twos” to shame. 

6 Reasons My Daughter Is a Threenager (From Mama By Fire)

We got off light with our daughter last year. She was two, and for the most part, always nice to be around. She had her moments, of course, but mostly I kept wondering what the whole “terrible twos” were all about.

Don’t worry, my son has been explaining it to me thoroughly.

Then something happened. My sweet, adorable little lady developed an attitude.

Not an “Oh, cute! She has such a feisty little personality!!” But an “Oh, good Lord! Did she just burn a hole in my face with the look she gave me?”

It has been an adjustment for my husband and me learning how to deal with this kid. I haven’t decided which is more fun, the “Terrible Twos,” or the “Threenager.”

Here are six ways my daughter is 3 going on 13:

1. She talks back with a snotty tone (Is there any other way?)

I ask her to do or stop doing something and she questions every aspect of my request. She argues, and does her best to justify why it was ok for her to knock over her younger brother. Because she needed the marker he was holding, obviously.

She interrupts me while I explain myself too, which is especially awesome.

2She Glares

After asking her to stop doing something for the fifth time the other day, she finally stopped and just glared at me. She stared so hard, it was as if she was challenging me to a staring contest.

Not being one to back down, I accepted. And won. Ha! Take that you little punk!

3. Her emotions!!!

She is always emotional! If we firmly ask her to stop doing something, she immediately crumbles into a puddle of tears.

“You yelled at me!” No, we didn’t. We very rarely yell. We’re trying to teach her the difference between volume and tone so she at least knows we’re not yelling.

After having a crying fit, she’s as sweet as can be.

Six reasons my daughter is 3 going on 13 smiley girl

That’s when we know she wants something…

4. She’s boy crazy

We went on a nature walk with some friends the other day. A little boy whom she had never met went with us. She was smitten. I think he had her at, “Do you want a cookie?”

After running around and playing with him for a bit, she tried to kiss him.

Yep. She’s that kid. I have officially had my first “kissing talk” with my daughter. Already. I was unprepared.

5. Refuses to do chores

It’s like pulling teeth getting her to put toys away. If I bribe her, sure, she’ll do it, but even then she drags her feet and complains the whole time.

6. I threaten to take her phone

She doesn’t have her own phone at 3, of course. But like many kids her age, she is well versed in iPhone navigation which includes YouTube. So, if she’s having a fit or isn’t listening, I tell her she doesn’t get my phone for the rest of the day.

snotty threenager

It gets exhausting living on this emotional roller coaster. But I suppose we can look on the bright side, she’s preparing us for when she actually does become a crazy teenager.

And let me tell you, I’m terrified.

What about you? Are you living with a “Threenager”? Or maybe even an actual teenager?…

Tarynn Playle writes over at Mama By Fire. She is a stay at home mama of two in Seattle. When she’s not on an adventure with the kids, or writing about said adventure, she’s watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


  1. Thanks for having me Meredith! And thank you so much for your kind words!!

  2. Ugh! Wait till they turn 11 and 13 is just right around the corner. Lord give me strength!

  3. Love this! My daughter is one month shy of her third birthday and she’s definitely morphing into a threenager. We went to a Halloween function at the children’s musuem this year. When asked if she wanted to try the spooky juice (fresh oj with gummy worms), Harper waved her hand and said that she “really didn’t need any of that”. Mercy!

    • Oh my! I suppose it’s good practice for those teenage years. Then the hand waves will be accompanied by slamming doors and eye rolls. Sigh. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I think my daughter claimed to have three preschool “boyfriends” when she was three (or was it four boyfriends?). She’s almost seven now and thinks boys are gross; but I’m pretty sure she’s just waiting for her baby teeth to fall out to be “fully grown.” smh

    • LOL! Personally, I’m looking forward to my 6yo daughter entering the “boys are gross” stage. And when she does, I hope it lasts for a while! Thanks for stopping by!

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