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It’s that time again — time for the weirdest parenting stories of the week, rounded up in this week’s edition of Wednesday Weird Parenting News! This week we’ve got moms fending off armed burglars, unusual paternity tests, and more. Check out this week’s most bizarre headlines!

Don’t mess with mama. In New Hampshire, a mother of four was working at the convenience store she owned, when a burglar burst in and demanded money, showing her his knife. At which point, determined not to hand over the money she was saving for her children’s future, she came back with the most awesome line ever: “I just said, ‘Really?’ and smiled, grabbed my bigger knife and said ‘Now what?’ Apparently, size does matter. Read the full story.

Who’s your daddy? A Washington couple was concerned when their son’s blood type didn’t match theirs, leading to a paternity test with strange results. While the test showed the father wasn’t a match, a more thorough analysis of the family’s genetic history revealed that the father had absorbed DNA in the womb from a twin who didn’t survive the pregnancy — and then passed that DNA to his son. All of which would make for a very complicated episode of Maury. Learn more.

Good news for big siblings. According to a recent study by Leipzig University, the oldest sibling in a family tends to have a slightly higher IQ, with IQs marginally decreasing with each subsequent child. Which means your big sister wasn’t totally off-base when she called you a “stupid head” when you were kids. Read all about it.

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  1. You crack me up! Your comment about the sister calling you a stupid-head not being too off base is really funny. I was intrigued with the DNA story and can certainly understand why they were angry when they initially thought the lab messed up. The first story has one tough Mama!

  2. Wow, that paternity test story def is weird!

  3. Ha ha! These are funny. I still contest the idea that my older sibling is smarter than me.

  4. Omg what a funny but horrible thing with the DNA test thing! So funny to think about but omg… I can only imagine the thoughts going threw there heads getting results back like that! Craziness!

  5. Sending that last story to my younger brother…

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