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S is for… Scary Mommy! (And People Without Kids)


scary-mommyI’m back on Scary Mommy today, talking about “5 Things People Without Kids Just Don’t Understand”:

I love my friends without kids. They’ve shared many special moments with my family, from first birthdays to my toddler’s latest meltdown over his shirt not being orange. But let’s be honest: If you don’t have kids, there are certain things you’ll just never understand. Even my friends with older kids have lost sight of some of the more surreal moments of raising young children.

Here are five things you can only truly understand if you spend your days surrounded by tiny humans who lose their marbles each time you cut their PB&J the wrong way.  Read the full post.

What things did you come to understand only after having kids? Is there anything about parenting you’re only able to share with those in the trenches? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. This is brilliantly funny and true. I always enjoy reading your humorous view on life and parenthood.

  2. I love the do you wanna use the potty 😀 it’s the story of my life. Yes definitely having kids changed my life in ways I couldn’t have expected but also still love my childless friends as they bring a different type of fun to me

  3. I love this post!! So funny… esp the staying up late and the navigating a tank through the grocery store!! hahahaha Seriously those things are IMPOSSIBLE to drive!

  4. Enjoyable post! I am dismayed that some of the comments on Scary Mommy do not realize you are writing a humorous post and are not out to get or diminish them. They are scary!

  5. I absolutely adore your daughter’s question to Siri. Before having kids, I couldn’t understand some of these. The store does take two hours and we always forget something, vital like milk. Great post.

  6. Ha! Very funny and so true! I never understood why it took my friends with kids so long to return my texts and phone calls before I had babies of my own. What on earth were they doing after all? Now I totally get it! #twinklytuesday

  7. Kids are so funny! Luckily, our grocery store offers free cookies from the bakery to kids, so my kids know they have to be nice in order to score a cookie. That makes shopping a million times easier.

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