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Welcome to this week’s edition of Weird Parenting News! This week we’ve got dolls on the rag, creative teen discipline, and more. Check out these bizarre stories about kids, parents, cavities and all the weird news worth reporting.

This doll is strange. Period. Last year the Lammily dolls received attention for their “normal Barbies,” which follow the CDC body measurements of the average American woman. Now they’ve added a new accessory: a Period Party add-on pack, with miniature menstrual pads and educational material about periods. Because what young girl doesn’t want to play with Barbie and her Aunt Flo? Read all about it.

Talking back doesn’t pay. Recently a mom whose 13-year-old son was misbehaving — and boasting about his YouTube income — took away his clothes, comforter, and even his lightbulbs. To earn them back he’ll need to start paying rent, electricity, and other expenses. And, if he doesn’t finish his chores, he’ll have to pay his mom for maid service. Makes sense to me! Learn more.

A toothy problem. According to a study from King’s College London, higher maternal stress is linked to a higher prevalence of cavities in children. The study cites lower breastfeeding rates and lack of dental appointments. In other words, when moms are stressed-out, they produce less milk and forget to call the dentist. Shocking but true. Read the story.

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  1. The period pad thing has me shaking my head. The breastfeeding and tooth decay correlation is interesting!

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