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Welcome to this week’s edition of Wednesday Weird Parenting News. This week we’re checking out Star Wars beds with imperial prices, kiddie fight clubs, and more. Just another week here at Weird Parenting News. Don’t miss these bizarre stories!

May the sheets be with you. Is your kid a Star Wars enthusiast? Now they can own their very own $3,999 Star Wars bed from Pottery Barn Kids! The twin bed sits in a hand-painted capsule boasting “straight-from-the set” details modeled after the iconic “Millennium Falcon.” And after you’ve gotten that second mortgage on your home, you can throw in some Star Wars pillows and sheets! Read all about it.

Mini Fight Clubs? In a story out of New Jersey that would make even Tony Soprano’s skin crawl, two daycare workers have been arrested for staging miniature “Fight Clubs” with kids ages four to six. They then posted footage of these battles on social media. Apparently these two master criminals never learned the first rule of Fight Club. See the full story.

A dad with a very particular set of skills. When his teenage daughter racked up a $500 cell phone bill, this single dad took hostages. He locked up all her stuff, leaving her with just a few Walmart outfits and some essentials like soap and a toothbrush. He then labeled each item with the number of chores required to earn it back. Sounds like a good plan to me! Read the story.

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  1. That Dad had a very creative approach to consequences! I imagine she will never forget it. I wonder how many of those Star Wars bed sets will be sold… It would be interesting to find out.

  2. That’s crazy about the star wars bed. And, at first I read the fight club story as the 4-6 year olds started their own fight club. Now that I know it was adults, it’s just so sad… what is wrong with people?

  3. The bed – ACK!? Seriously! The dad – awesome! Thumbs up to him!!!

  4. Ok I know it is crazy.. but I think that star wars bed is awesome!

  5. The chores to earn back her stuff as a punishment for a crazy cell bill is genius!

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