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photo credit: Delicious Baby Toes via photopin (license)

It’s time for another week of weird parenting stories, ripped from the headlines (because truth is always stranger than fiction). This week we’re exploring weird science… studies about everything from chatty toddlers to stingy tooth fairies. Don’t miss these odd statistics making the news. 

Long hours and fertility. Recent research shows that women who work long hours or do heavy lifting may take longer to get pregnant. According to the study, women who work more than 40 hours a week take an average of 20 percent longer to conceive, and lifting loads of 25 pounds or more several times a day extends this time by about 50 percent. Of course, this study may simply prove what women everywhere already know: when we come home from a long, crappy day at the office, we just want to go to bed. Read the story here.

Chatty toddler, smart kid. A new study appearing in the journal Child Development finds that children with larger oral vocabularies by age 2 enter kindergarten better prepared academically and behaviorally than their peers. So, planning ahead, you may want to forgo Seuss in favor of Tolstoy… because “one fish, two fish” may not cut it. Learn more about this study.

Fairies fall on hard times. Everyone’s cutting back these days, and the Tooth Fairy is no exception. According to a recent survey by Visa, average Tooth Fairy payments have been steadily declining, from $3.70 per lost tooth in 2013, to $3.43 in 2014, to a current average of $3.19. Not surprisingly, wealthy kiddos in the Northeast are faring better than their counterparts elsewhere in the US. Check out the survey here.

Photo credit: Delicious Baby Toes via photopin (license)
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  1. I think $1 from the tooth fairy will be our household’s running average!

  2. I love all of these articles this week.. and our tooth fairy is seriously overpaying!

  3. Wait VISA did a tooth fairy study? WTF??! ANd hello, no woman wishing to conceive should work obviously!!

  4. I love your commentary about ‘one fish, two fish’ not cutting it. Thanks for the laugh! I agree with the other comments about the tooth fairy overpaying! Since we have 4 children (all the same age), I think the tooth fairy will take that under consideration and adjust accordingly : 0 ).

  5. Lol this is awesome! I totally am all for one fish, two fish still!

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