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W is for… Wednesday Weird Parenting News


Welcome to this week’s edition of Weird Parenting News. This week we’re looking at the wonders of science, from planning baby’s gender to kids’ obsessions with iPads. Just when you thought parenting couldn’t get any stranger, enter the complications of modern technology. Thanks, Newton.

Thank science for little girls. Is it just me, or do the weirdest stories come out of Texas? A couple in the Lone Star State spent $100,000 and went through seven rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF) — despite having no fertility issues — to ensure their third child would be a girl. Because, according to the mother, “You feel incomplete as a mother until you have a girl.” I hope for this child’s sake she likes dresses and tea parties… and carrying the burden of all her mother’s hopes and dreams. Read the full story.

Ah, the sweet taste of Apple. In a national poll of parents of kids ages 2 to 12, 41 percent of parents said their kids would choose playing with tablets over eating dessert. If you ask me, something is wrong when your kid prefers Angry Birds to Ben & Jerry’s. I wonder what percentage of kids would choose playing with tablets over breathing oxygen? Only time will tell. Learn more here.

This one’s golden. In my favorite story this week, a 15-year-old was visiting Boston’s Museum of Science when he came across a 34-year-old exhibit about the golden ratio — and discovered a mistake in the equation! If I were this kid’s math teacher, I’d be very nervous right about now. Read all about it.

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  1. That is indeed weird parenting news! Love this blog prompt! That’s so weird about the in vitro couple…I can’t imagine. My life is very much complete with my little guy! :)

  2. I always look forward to your weird parenting news! haha My son is not yet 2, but he would definitely choose dessert over a tablet right now. No one likes to eat more than this kid! haha

  3. Not going to lie, the first one makes me ill!

  4. Seriously?? Kids would choose their iPads over dessert? I’m gonna test out my kids and see what they’ll choose.

  5. Yikes, the first story makes me sick. My husband and I went through years of fertility treatments..just to have A child! We didn’t care what the hell it came out to be, we just wanted to have a baby so bad. 3 years of treatments and thousands and thousands of dollars later..we finally got a little boy! I would love a daughter, but if I get another little boy I will be soooo grateful because I know there are families out there who can’t even have a child right now.

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