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photo credit: 103011-5 via photopin (license)

photo credit: 103011-5 via photopin (license)

It’s time for more Weird Parenting News! This week we’re talking about babies born in the wild, determined Girl Scouts, and more. Check out these bizarre stories from the week in parenting.

Into the woods. In California’s Sierra Nevada, a pregnant woman became lost in a National Park and went into labor. For three days after giving birth to her daughter, this new mom survived on a few apples and a bottle of soda, all while protecting her newborn from bees and the elements. I suppose my complaints about ice chips and bland hospital food pale in comparison. Read the full story.

No scout left behind. A recent $100,000 donation to the Girl Scouts of Western Washington came with a price — the donor insisted the money would not be used to help transgender girls. Committed to helping every girl, the organization gave the money back. But don’t feel too bad for the chapter, which launched a crowdfunding campaign and has raised TWICE that amount of money. Learn more here.

Best water balloon fight ever. In Virginia, a mom was trying to plan a birthday party for her son, who suffers from a rare speech disorder. The boy wanted a massive water balloon fight — but because of his challenges, his mom had no one to invite. So she posted the event on Facebook, and it quickly went viral. The party became an open event and 300 people came to celebrate and toss water balloons — and many more sent presents and well wishes from around the world. Read all about it!

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  1. Great selections for the Weird Parenting News! The comments about the woman stranded with a new born are almost weirder than the story.

  2. Whoa, these are all crazy! Amazing that mom and baby were okay!

  3. Oh great stories! I can’t believe that mom giving birth alone in the woods. haha I hope I don’t have pregnancy nightmares about that happening now.

  4. That is something for the baby book… Instead of the hospital picture, insert cave drawing! Very bizarre!

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