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WW 6-16Welcome back to another edition of Weird Parenting News. This week we have doting dads, milky mamas, and overbearing neighbors. Check out these strange parenting stories making the news.

Give Dad a break. Just in time for Father’s Day, Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, is offering fathers in part of his company one year of paid paternity leave. According to Branson, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.” And speaking of taking care of business, looks like Dad won’t have an excuse not to help with middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Read more about this story.

Mama’s all pumped up. A Wisconsin mother of two recently donated 29 gallons of breast milk to her local milk bank. As any mom knows, that’s a mind-blowing amount of pumping. But it was all worth it to this selfless mom, who stated, “I worked in a NICU, and know how important breast milk is for premature babies.” Check out the full story.

Home alone. We’ve been hearing a lot of stories lately about kids alone in cars or walking home from parks by themselves — and subsequent parent arrests. But this one is really odd: in Florida, a mom and dad got stuck in traffic. When their 11-year-old son beat them home and didn’t have a key to the house, he played basketball in his yard for 90 minutes. A neighbor called the cops and the couple was arrested, strip searched, and placed in jail overnight. Their kids were taken away for a month. Only in Florida — or a sign of things to come? Read more about this bizarre story.

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  1. Love the paternity leave! And with the kids in FL, were they coming home from school?! I feel like that’s a little over the top!

  2. I wish more companies would offer more leave for both parents. Great stories!

  3. Whoa that is crazy stuff! I can’t believe dads get a year paid! I can’t even comprehend that!

  4. Wow, way to go Virgin! Oh, if that idea would take flight!! LOL I always enjoy these. I think I mention that every week….

  5. ugh. That article about the kids in florida really upset me. If the neighbor that called the cops was so upset, what didn’t that person TAKE THE BOY INTO THEIR OWN HOME until the parents came home?!!?! What happened to our sense of community? So, so, so sad.

  6. Always love Wednesday’s Weird Parenting news! And I’m so happy that Virgin is doing that. Hopefully other companies will follow suit soon…

  7. That Florida story infuriates me, so senseless.

  8. Thank you for highlighting that story in Florida. It is up to us, the community to push back into the community. Talk to the kid before calling the police. Step outside.

  9. Love the paternity leave and breastmilk stories. But OMG an 11-year-old can certainly play basketball outside without parental supervision. What is wrong with society that the parents got arrested for that. And seriously that’s messed up neighbor, not cool.

  10. Agreed, the paternity leave is awesome! Kind of like the Family Leave Act.

  11. Love the paternity leave :-)

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