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Welcome back to Weird Parenting News. This week we have creative spellings, creative names, and happy parents. Don’t miss these unusual news stories.

WW 6-3

If you’re happy and you know it, have a baby! New research from Texas A&M University contends that happy people are more likely to have kids. Analyzing two sets of data, taken ten years apart, in which people were asked to rate their general life satisfaction, researchers found that those who said they were happy in the first survey were more likely to be parents 10 years later. They were also more likely to hallucinate and know all the words to “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” Learn more here.

A baby by any other name… is probably a better choice. The Social Security Administration added 1,393 new baby names to its rankings in 2014. At your kid’s next birthday party, you may be serving cake to Billion, Dagger, Royaltee, or Ruckus. For a longer list of these creative monikers, click here.

Because spelling is cool. The Scripps National Spelling Bee ended with co-champions, ages 13 and 14. The spelling bee came to a dramatic conclusion when the teens were asked to spell simple words like “scherenschnitte” and “nunatak.” To learn more (like what the heck these words mean), read the story.

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  1. Now I have Olaf singing in my head! haha! Love these!

  2. I have heard that so many people are choosing unique names now that the common names are really not even that common. Interesting!

  3. Oh my! Those baby names are weird.

  4. Those spelling words would challenge the majority of adults! The kid that compete in spelling bees are amazing.

  5. Wow! I’m all for unique names, but parents need to put a little more thought into them. I think it’s possible to be “too” unique. I wanted to name my youngest Tucker, which isn’t really unique, but then I thought about boys and locker room banter. All they’d have to do is change the first letter F. I didn’t want him to have that as a nickname, so we went with Wade instead.

    • Ouch, I wouldn’t have thought about Tucker and locker room taunts. Wade is definitely safer! Thanks for stopping by :)

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