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W is for… Wednesday Weird Parenting News


ID-10054945It’s Wednesday… and that means more Weird Parenting News! This week’s edition has it all, from parents who need to chill to parents who may be way too chill. Check out this week’s strange stories!

That infamous party invite. By now you’ve probably seen this rather demanding invite to a 1-year-old’s birthday party. Let’s be honest. We’ve all secretly wanted to send something like this. I mean, who doesn’t want to control the flow of stuff into your home? But then you send a polite, gracious invite instead, because, well, you don’t want to end up going viral on Facebook. What do you think of this letter?

GoNameMe. A Queens couple can’t agree on a baby name, and so they’re taking their dispute to the Net. The husband, of Greek origin, has started an online petition to push for his top choice, Spyridon, over his wife’s more conventional choice of Michael. This makes total sense, because the Internet community is known for its reason and appreciation of subtle humor. Check out the story.

High times… after bedtime, that is. A recent poll released on 4/20 (of course) shows that most Americans, while OK with medical marijuana, do not believe it should be used in front of the kids. In fact, 80 percent agree on this point. You can count me among the masses… parenting is hard enough when sober. Plus, I can’t imagine anyone handling Thomas and Friends under the influence. Read the story here.

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  1. The infamous invite–agreed. I wrote a post about it. I can appreciate it. I don’t even care. I have to say, your weird wednesdays has become one of my favorite weekly segments :).

  2. Handling Thomas & Friends might ONLY be possible under the influence. LOL. My kids only watch it when I’m too busy to even hear what’s going on, and even then my five year old thinks it’s completely dumb….and has since she was about 3. LOL

    • I’m with your kids. I don’t get the Thomas thing at all. But my son loves it. Personally, I’m a fan of Fraggle Rock…and my daughter has been watching Jem lately. Much preferable to those talking engines! Thanks for reading!

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  4. Can’t wait to read about the birthday invitation. These are great Meredith. I look forward to them!

  5. Can I just tell you that Wednesday is my favorite day of the week now?!?!

    I agree with the marijuana post. :)
    I also think the invite is blown WAY WAY out of proportion!!

  6. I’d seen the letter to the 1 year old’s birthday, which I thought was a bit… much. If it’s just to family and that’s expected then that’s cool, but to friends I think it’s pretty crazy.

    Spryridon?! Really? My kids have different names and I’m all for originality, but that name is crazy town.

  7. I saw that letter. haha I totally understand not wanting a whole bunch of stuff in your home, but then just ask for nothing. I do have to say though… that Cheerio book is a good book. We used in Kindergarten and the kids loved it! haha

  8. Gift certificates. End of discussion.

    As for the party, with instruction like that, I think I’d be unavailable to attend.

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