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W is for… Wednesday Weird Parenting News


Welcome back to another edition of Weird Parenting News. This week’s edition is full of untamed tales… from wild animals to the wild characters of Game of Thrones. Check out this week’s most bizarre parenting stories below.

Animal magnetism. In Cleveland, a mom is being charged with child endangerment after dangling her 2-year-old son over the railing of the cheetah exhibit at the zoo — at which point he fell in. Apparently, the cheetahs just sat there and watched the animals (a.k.a. humans) put on a wild show of jumping in after the boy and staging a dramatic rescue. Watch the video to see this amazing tale.

Name of Thrones. If celebrity baby names aren’t wild enough for you, how about naming your baby after one of the characters from Game of Thrones? According to the Social Security Administration, names like Arya and Khaleesi are increasing in popularity in American maternity wards. Hey, if law school doesn’t work out, these kids will have great futures at the Renaissance Festival. Read the full story here.

Cover those calves! Thousands of people have shared these photos of a Texas teen’s dress code “violation.” After the teen was sent home from school for “inappropriate” attire, her family was livid and her sister wrote an outraged message on Facebook. These photos remind me of those Magic Eye images… I just don’t see it. Check out the story… What do you think?

photo credit: Cheetah via photopin (license)
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  1. Who on earth would think it a good idea to dangle your child over the cheetah cage?? Whaaa? You always find interesting stuff for these!

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  3. Those are certainly some odd parenting facts. I don’t think I would name a little one those names.

  4. Wow! That is disturbing that she was sent home for wearing that. I think this kind of message is sent to girls all to frequently as the article stated whereas boys are rarely given those messages.

  5. Yay, it’s Wednesday! A. I feel like the cheetah thing is something out of a Michael Jackson diary! B. I love what the sister said about promoting rape culture in regards to her sister. It’s a crazy, crazy, double standard!

  6. Are parents getting weirder or is it because we have more access to these stories? Who wants to see a cheetah that badly? Thankfully the child is safe.

    Young Love Mommy

  7. Love this segment. Also love the name Khaleesi … but I think I’ll leave it for potential pets, not children.

  8. Pretty wild stories today! The last one resonates with me for sure. Maycee was sent to the office and repremanded when she was in KINDERGARTEN for wearing full-length leggings and a short skirt to school. The school had a dress code that said skirts should cover the knee or come down to the fingertips with hands placed on your sides. Hers did just that, only perhaps a tad above, and mind you, she was 5 years old. I was astounded at the school and made my complaint heard. I moved her from there when she was in second grade and have never looked back! XOXO-Kasey

  9. Don’t send your kids to school in yoga leggings and they won’t be sent home. It’s simple really, why parents make such a fuss about rules, is beyond me.

  10. Just stopping by to let you know I have nominated you for a couple of awards!

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