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S is for… Six Awesome Things About Having a Six-Year-Old



This week my baby girl turned six. At first that number really got to me. For reasons I can’t explain, six sounds much older than five. It whispers of major developments ahead: The end of kindergarten. The end of no homework. The end of asking Daddy to pick me up some “c-a-n-d-y” without her catching on.

The end of her being a little kid.

She’s aged out of tot camp and pee-wee baseball, outgrown the preschool section of the shoe store. Whether or not I’m ready to admit it, my baby has crossed an imaginary line. She’s growing into one of the “big kids.”

That said, there are many wonderful things about having a six-year-old. Here are six awesome things to celebrate about being six.

1. The unbearable lightness of peeing. If your kid is like mine, by six the potty humor has really hit its stride. Of course, there was always the occasional “Knock, knock…who’s there?…poo-poo!” merriment. Now, however, the hilarity has grown more sophisticated, as she writes and illustrates entire “books” paying homage to the toilet in pink and purple crayon. I miss the knock-knock jokes.

2. Reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic. Slowly but surely, my daughter is deciphering the world of words around her. For the first time, she read the four questions at Passover. (I have to give her credit: “bitter herbs” and “unleavened bread” are quite a leap from the “Bob likes dogs” she’s used to reading.) Even when she struggles, I’m so proud to see how much she’s accomplished, and how hard she’s trying. And she’s learning addition — so no more short-changing her allowance when I need laundry money.

3. Goodbye, Dora. Over the past year, my daughter has grown bored of “babyish” TV shows. While I’ll miss Sesame Street, I don’t miss Dora, Diego, or any of the other characters that burst into song every time someone asks for directions or opens a backpack. While I’m not sure what to make of scantily clad Winx fairies battling scantily clad witches, I do enjoy watching superhero cartoons and, best of all, The Voice together. Team Christina, baby!

4. Drop-off playdates. Last week, my daughter had her first drop-off playdate. I confess, this was bittersweet for me. Back when I was being pulled into tea parties and games of tag with giggling preschoolers, I dreamed of the day when I’d be able to run to the grocery store while someone else’s mom watched the kids for an hour or two. But walking away from that playdate — without my daughter by my side — well, that was a bit of a wake-up call. She’s growing up… and, whether I like it or not, growing away.

5. Miss Independent. We’ve always encouraged our daughter to do things on her own. But these days I’m amazed at the things she can tackle. She shovels snow. She helps pack her brother’s lunch. She makes her own breakfast, and, if Mommy’s buried in a mountain of laundry, she’ll make her brother’s breakfast too. She’s so self-sufficient, in fact, that I think it’s time for her to get a job. Or clean the house… while Mommy sleeps, of course.

6. She’s still a kid. Sometimes my daughter seems like a small adult. But then, out of nowhere, she’ll burst into tears because I complimented her brother for brushing his teeth and not her (even though she finished brushing 20 minutes earlier). These outbursts remind me that she’s still a kid, and she still needs her Mommy. Because no matter how excited she is to show me the math work in her backpack, or help me cook an omelette, she still needs attention, reassurance, and kisses and cuddles.

Few things make my daughter happier than dancing around the living room with Mommy, or playing dolls together, or snuggling while I read her a story. And, perhaps, that’s the most awesome thing about having a six-year-old. She’s still a kid, and she’s still mine.

* * *

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  1. Oh I love this. This growing thing they insist on doing is really so bitter sweet! But it’s a beautiful thing and I love the celebration of it all. Sounds like you’re raising a wonderful young woman, just like you. Happy birthday to your not so baby baby!

  2. Six is such a fun age! I am so impressed that she read the four questions. My daughter was never the youngest at the Seder so that job went to her cousins. You have a fun year ahead of you. :)

  3. Ah!! They grow so fast! Mine is almost four. Sometimes she reminds me of a little adult too, but then she flips out over the wrong colored straw. Then I can relax. She’s still my baby!

  4. My daughter will be seven next month. It’s funny when you can no longer spell things in front of them because they pick up on everything.

  5. This is very sweet! You’re right, your daughter will always be your kid and she will always need you-even if it’s to use your washing machine, babysit her kids or, best of all, to share happy times. In the meantime, enjoy the journey.

  6. I love this. It is so important to focus on these small changes and moments our kids grow up.

  7. Excellent post! It is so touching.

  8. 6-7 is huge in kid years. They seem to mature so much. I think being in First grade has something to do with it. The things they are learning and their ability to accomplish more on their own, it is a lot to go through as a momma!!

  9. Oh, I feel you on this! My boy turns 6 in June and my little girl 4. And while I am relishing these new bits of independence that having older toddlers/bigger kids brings, it’s somewhat sad. I was trying to write a post about being in the throes of toddler-hoood and realized that, for now, I’m not there.

    Love you post, as always!

  10. Love this esp number 6.. it is good to remember that they are only 6!!! :)

  11. She shovels snow?! Send her over! Haha! Very sweet post – I find every milestone with my daughter to be bitter sweet.

  12. She sounds like such a happy girl to be around. They grow up too fast! I fear when my sons start doing more things without me. I strongly believe in bringing up independent kids. It is a double edge sword. Sounds like you have done a fabulous job and you are right: she is yours! Nothing will ever change that. Even when she is 16, 18, 30…she will be yours!

  13. It so true what a jump Six can be. It seems like when their young, each year brings some monumental changes!

  14. I love that she’s able to help you, yet still need you at the same time. It’s the wonderful duality of motherhood–to have our children exert their independence, and yet depend on us as well. I love this post. What a great way to celebrate your daughter’s day! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Love those memories. My son is 14 and is still into the poo-poo jokes!! ha/ha

  16. I agree that 6 is so much older than five. I have a six-year-old daughter too. I hate that she is one of the ‘big kids’ now. I just had one turn 16, but 6 is still getting to me! (but maybe it is because I can’t wait for that one to grow up and quit driving me crazy!)

  17. My oldest is now 6 and a half, and sometimes feel like you do: that he’s such a little man, but then needs his mommy when the (what I feel) something tiny sparks an emotion! Love this…and Happy birthday!

  18. I remember the first drop off play dates! Now there are sleepovers and even if they are at my house they do not emerge except for food!

  19. It is so interesting but also kind of throws you off, how grown up a 6 year old can seem. My niece is 5 and she already seems so different than even a year ago.

  20. I love the entry, your daughter is very funny!

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