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W is for… Wednesday Weird Parenting News (Oreos and Other Brain-Killers Edition)


Welcome to another edition of Weird Parenting News. This week’s news stories are all about those things that may fry your kid’s brain…from Oreos to Call of Duty.


Oreos…with a twist. One science teacher isn’t taking any chances when it comes to everyone’s favorite caloric treat. If you want your kid to sample the Oreo cookie she’s using in her school science project, you’ll need to sign a permission slip. And send it in with a tall glass of milk. Check out the story here.

Call of Duty (to report your student’s parents). In Cheshire, England, teachers have been instructed to report to the police and Social Services any parents who let their kids play violent video games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. I say add Super Mario Bros. to the list — we all know what those mushrooms are really about. Read the story.

I learned it from watching you, dad. Letting your kid try a sip of wine at Christmas dinner may not be as harmless as you think. According to a recent study, kids who’d sipped alcohol by sixth grade were five times more likely than their peers to down a full drink by the time they were in high school, and four times more likely to have binged or been drunk. Read the full story here.

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  1. So interesting, how do you find this crazy stuff!? :)

  2. I kind of agree with the violent video games one… but I know I am crazy! 😉

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  4. I’m not a fan of the violent games, but notify the police? Hmmm….
    You know there is going to be that ONE parent that doesn’t sign the Oreo permission slip. Poor kid. :(

  5. I am not a fan of video games at all, and especially violent ones….

  6. great links! loved the Oreo one, especially. omg-can you imagine the poor kid who didn’t get permission from his parents to eat one??!

  7. So, is this what our world is coming to? Permission to eat Oreos in school? But I think the video game one actually makes sense. it’s more about reporting neglect, at least that what I took from it…

  8. This whole violent video game saga really gets under my skin. It would be reported to social services and stated as a form of neglect.. At this very moment social services is already in over their head so it would benefit them greatly to focus on allot more importanted cases that actually have a form of abuse or true neglect in them. Besides that, this is for playing games, does it also count for being in the same room when an age appropriate person plays? Yet it is totally acceptable to have them watch day time drama tv that includes rape, murder, swearing and lying just because it hasn’t been age rated.

    • I agree…some of the stuff on the news is just as bad as video games. I don’t like the idea of reporting this to the cops of social services. I do think these games are bad, but it might make more sense to have materials you could send home to the parents explaining the games’ negative effects. People may not realize these games are actually harmful. Thanks for stopping by!

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