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W is for… Wednesday Weird Parenting News (Packing Heat Edition)


Do you like guns? Do you like babies? Then this week’s Weird Parenting News is for you!


Packing Heat…and Diapers. The first story is out of Iowa, where one mom is teaching a class in how to safely carry your baby while carrying a concealed firearm. Apparently the class is drawing quite a crowd. As the instructor says: “There’s a huge surge in mothers wanting to get into firearms, but what’s happening is we don’t have instructors addressing their needs.” Check out this unusual story here.

Sexiest Names for Baby? Forget naming your baby after your great grandmother. A recent survey, conducted by the website Baby Name Wizard, reveals the sexiest — and least sexy — names for males and females (spoiler alert: hopefully Ernest and Bertha have sparkling personalities). See the full list here.

Divorce and Drinking… Soda, That Is. And on a serious note, a new study finds that kids whose parents are recently separated or divorced are more likely to drink sugar-sweetened beverages like soda and sports drinks. With childhood obesity rates on the rise, these bad habits can have real adverse health effects. Learn more here.

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  1. “Hmm, what’s the sexiest possible moniker for my baby?” SAID NO SANE PERSON EVER when naming a child. So weird!!

  2. The packing heat mom: Livin the American Dream. Where else can you create this kind of business, unless you’re with Isis?! 😉

  3. I always enjoy your Wednesday weird parenting news. I hadn’t heard of any of the stories this week. The list of sexy names cracked me up and I was glad that none of our kids fall onto either list.

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