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W is for … Wednesday Weird Parenting News (“Mom’s on Strike!” Edition)


It’s time for another edition of Wednesday Weird Parenting News! From defiant moms to defiant teens to defiant judges, this edition isn’t taking it anymore!

on strike

The first story comes out of North Carolina, where one mom, tired of her teen daughters pushing her around, has gone on strike! Yes, she’s marching down her street, sign in hand, to get a little respect. What does she want? Sanity! When does she want it? Now! Read the full story.

Do teens really do the opposite of anything their parents say? When it comes to online behavior, they just might. A recent study, from the University of Haifa, shows that when parents aggressively supervise their teens’ Internet usage, the kids are more likely to engage in online risky behavior. But mom!…  Check out the story.

And, finally, an interesting story out of the French city of Valenciennes, where a judge ruled that parents could not name their baby Nutella, saying it would lead to “teasing or disparaging thoughts.” Where was this judge when little Apple or Blanket was born? Read the story here.

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  2. Oh heavens, I’m not ready for teenagers yet. God give us the wisdom and grace to fruitfully live this stage. Thanks for the post!

  3. I have a teenager and a tween so I’m definitely worried about the internet stuff. I try to give them leeway to make their own decisions but I still have to pay attention! Heard about the Nutella baby – you just gotta wonder about some people. :)

  4. I may go on strike when I have teens too! haha

  5. I think teens specifically do the opposite of what their parents tell them LOL. I know I am dealing with that with my teens LOL.

  6. Sooo, can my babies stay 2 and 6 forever? I can’t even go there yet.

  7. haha, I actually don’t think Nutella is even that bad! There are definitely some worse names out there.

  8. Nutella isn’t as bad as some of the crazy names my students have had. When student teaching, I had a “Golda Dick” in my class. Nope, not a joke. Poor girl.

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