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T is for . . . Terrible Twos Week (Day 4: Potty Training)

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IMG_2137Welcome back to Terrible Twos Week — five days of guest posts in honor of my little guy turning two. Today’s topic is the oh-so-fun process of potty training.

Because potty-training experiences are as diverse as my mp3 collection (hello, Metallica and Tiffany), below you’ll find a roundup of tips, stories, and angst from mommy bloggers far and wide. So, step away from that Elmo potty and commiserate with your fellow moms. It’ll make you feel better than a “Good Job!” sticker!

  • Looking for some tips to kick-start your kid’s training? Check out “5 Potty Training Tips: What Every Parent Should Know” from the blog Mommy’s Bundle. I especially appreciated the advice about consistency — you know, as opposed to the “once every three weeks” approach we’ve been trying. Be sure to read these great tips!
  • Looking to simultaneously train your toddler and water your garden? Check out Easy Being Mom‘s unique potty-training technique in “Days of Wine and Roses? Try Beer and Pee.” No potty required! You’ll love this free-flowing (ha!) idea for training your little one.
  • Sticking with the theme of the great outdoors, check out “A Very Unconventional Approach to Potty Training,” from the blog Whimsicle. I’m starting to think that, contrary to popular belief, potty training a boy may be easier than training a girl — after all, you have so many outdoor options! Don’t miss this fun post that offers a fresh-air alternative to watching your kid sit for an hour on a plastic potty.
  • And, if you’re wondering if this toilet torture will ever end, check out The Domestic Four‘s “Adventures in Potty Training” for reassurance that there’s an end to the madness. According to this blogger, sometimes finding the right motivation does the trick — and everything just falls into place (and no longer into a diaper!).

If you’re pulling your hair out watching your toddler camp out on the potty, never fear! As it turns out, potty-training triumph is one part motivation, one part perspiration, and a thousand parts patience. And don’t worry, your child won’t head off to college in a diaper — although he may still pee on the lawn. Good luck!

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