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I is for . . . Imaginary Author Interview


Today I’m hanging out at the terrific blog Maryann Miller’s It’s Not All Gravy, envisioning what an author interview would look like if it were conducted by my 5-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. (Spoiler alert: Like everything in my life these days, it involves cheese.) Please check out my interview to find out why good books don’t always involve stickers, why Mommy ended up writing about sippy cups instead of Sartre, and why my daughter might spend her allowance on something besides My Little Pony. See you there!

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  1. If my kids (6/9) were asking the questions it would consist of; whens allowance? and whats for dinner?.lol

  2. This looks like a cute book :)

  3. Cute book! When my son was younger he ate tons of cheese. I’m surprised he didn’t have digestive issues. And yes, “when do I get my allowance” was a typical question. haha!

  4. Cute idea and adorable book. My younger kids would enjoy this.

  5. Excellent! You are a really creative person. Loved this!

  6. What a fun book. I bet it is a great read for moms!

  7. I love reading kid-guided interviews.. they’re so fun and unique.

  8. What a creative approach! Its amazing how their little minds turn.

  9. Ahhh, ode to a sippy cup, lol. Such a great read!

  10. That is pretty inventive.. 5 and the 1 year old it must be a cute interview.. i will go now and check it out!

  11. This is just too cute! What a great idea!

  12. Love it! So funny. This was a great idea!

  13. Too cute!! Loved this. .. definitely lol’d and I use those 3 letters very sparingly;) You’re awesome Meredith!!

  14. What a cute interview…”so why did you decide to write a book about me?” too funny. Also, it’s so funny how kids always gravitate to things costing hundreds of dollars.

  15. Sometimes I still spend my allowance on my little pony lol

  16. So cute! I like cheese too 😉

  17. looks like a really cute book.

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