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A is for . . . Author Interview!


Hello! I’m over at Busy Moms Write today, answering questions about my new book Mommy A to Z, my writing process, traditional versus self-publishing, and 70s psychedelic rock. Busy Moms Write is a terrific blog, guiding and inspiring moms as they attempt to find time to write while juggling the many demands of motherhood. I’m excited to be interviewed there and hope you’ll check it out.

For more Mommy madness, check out Mommy A to Z: An Encyclopedia of the Joys, Wonders, and Absurdities of Motherhood, available at and Apple.


  1. Thank you for the great interview. You are an inspiring mom and writer!

  2. Can’t wait to go read it.

  3. Congrats on being interviewed and featured! That is awesome.

  4. Congrats on the interview! I’ll need to hop over there and read it now.

  5. Great inspiration- thank you! As a mom who writes, I love hearing about other moms who do the same. Congrats on Mommy A to Z! Much success!!!!!!

  6. Going over there now to read it.. thanks!

  7. Congrats on the interview! I’ll have to go check it out!

  8. Congratulations on the interview! And also for publishing your book!

  9. I’m so excited you are getting media coverage! It is essential in promoting your book. The first of many interviews, I’m sure!

  10. Very exciting! Congrats on the interview!!

  11. Thanks for sharing. Writing with a toddler is hard!

  12. always good to see your stuff! 😀

  13. It must be so exciting to be able to call yourself an author. And now you’ve been interviewed besides!

  14. That is awesome! I would love to interview authors because I am a book worm!

  15. Great interview! I heard that you’re supposed to write non-stop without trying to proof along the way…that is soooo hard to do. Great insight about self publishing vs traditional publisher route…I don’t do well with that is something to definitely think about.

  16. What a wonderful interview! It was informative and funny, too! Love your book!

  17. Congratulations! Way to go! It was great to read your interview. Very inspiring and helpful to me as a new mom.

    Mhar Mg

  18. great interview. really enjoyed reading it

  19. I love this…”Realizing your dream will teach your kids to value commitment and creativity — and it will ultimately make you happier and more fulfilled.” I feel so many moms forget this. Thanks for the great reminder! And great interview!

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