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Mommy A to Z’s First Book Review!


ImageAs many of you know, I recently published my first book, Mommy A to Z: An Encyclopedia of the Joys, Wonders, and Absurdities of Motherhood — the inspiration for this blog! Today, I’m excited to share the book’s first review with you. It’s from The Midwest Book Review, and will appear in their July issue. The full text of the review can be found below. To learn more about Mommy A to Z, visit!

From The Midwest Book Review:

Mommy A to Z sports a cover that looks like a children’s book and an A-Z format reminiscent of a child’s primer; but that’s where its similarity to a children’s book ends, for this is directed to mothers, not their kids.

It comes from an author who always dreamed that her first book would be a novel and a literary masterpiece. Reality often takes different directions, however, and motherhood led Meredith Peters Hale to write about the process she knows best: being a parent.

There are an overwhelming number of books already on the market covering parenting techniques and ‘how-to’ advisories for first-time Moms; so what’s special about Mommy A to Z?

For one thing, it condenses and presents its information in a format very accessible to overwhelmed, harried new Moms. And, most importantly, it is intended not as the usual advice guide, but as a hilarious look at the ironies and inconsistencies of motherhood itself. And in this arena, it’s truly a masterpiece that stands out from the crowds of moms writing about the parenting process, capturing the extraordinary moments of motherhood in succinct chapters.

Short entries are designed to neatly fit into a busy mom’s limited attention and time span for reading, while A-Z chapters and their subtitles make it a snap to flip pages and pick up the book for a quick dive into leisure reading (“K is for Kids’ Clothing”, “V is for Vacations”, “Q is for Questions, Quiet”).

As for the writing itself: a dip into ‘C for Conception’ captures the gist of Meredith Peters Hale’s fun approach to all her topics – even the most serious: “…while trying to conceive may offer its fair share of tender moments and risqué midday romps, it also involves a certain amount of calculation and perseverance. So, the next time you are interrupted mid-act by a screaming baby who can’t find his binky, or a toddler in hysterics because his nightlight has burned out, and you wistfully yearn for those wild and crazy trysts you had trying to conceive your first beloved offspring, know that, in reality, your love life changed the moment you even thought about having kids.”

There are fun, real moments from a real-life family’s child-rearing and there are simply hilarious moments that point out the underlying joys and fun of encountering small hearts and minds.

And, there are sage observations about the effects of culture on the parenting process: “…I have to admit that movies have provided entry to some difficult concepts in our house. As much as I hated the Mufasa conversation, whenever my daughter has subsequently encountered death—whether in real life or in fiction—I’ve explained that the deceased is “in the stars with Mufasa.” Somehow this has allowed my daughter to vaguely grasp a concept that otherwise would have been explained by Mommy as “umm.” And I guess that’s what these movies do. They make difficult situations a little less scary, gradually introducing kids to ideas that might otherwise overwhelm them.”

Anticipate a fun read that doesn’t overwhelm but does provide thought-provoking reflections along with insights, all presented in an inviting, accessible format to invite parents to look to Mommy A to Z for a bit of battery-recharging fun.

Midwest Book Review (D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, MBR)


For more Mommy madness, check out Mommy A to Z: An Encyclopedia of the Joys, Wonders, and Absurdities of Motherhood, available at and Apple.


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